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Re: Script Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

From: Christopher Atkinson <cwa@pipeline.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:35:54 -0400
To: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>

Author Benefits:

I would add as a bullet:

"--Browser detection facilitates use of CSS (a WCAG recommendation) despite
less-than-perfect user agent implementations.
--Allows replication of server-side functionality for authors without server

Instead of using a "javascript:" psuedo-URL, set the link's onClick to the
desired function, have the function return false and set the link's HREF to
a fallback page to which the user will be sent if using a non-Javacript
browser (or if the function does not work properly with the particular


<A HREF="BackupNav.html" onClick="navigationFunction( ); return false">Link
to Navigation Menu</A>

Event Handlers

This creates problems not only for people who are physically unable to use a
mouse, but for screenreader users as well. The point of regard of the
screenreader does not trigger the onMouseOver event handler. Thus menuing
systems triggered by onMouseOver will not work with screenreaders.

The alternative is to use a keyboard-triggered event handler to use the
onFocus event handler. This is triggered when focus is transferred to an
object by "tabbing" to it.
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