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From: Joe Clark <joeclark@contenu.nu>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 15:34:35 -0400
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I see now that my address-book entry for WAI-GL actually sent to WAI-IG. Fixed.

>    From: Anne Pemberton ([1]apembert@erols.com)
>3.4 Wherever possible, use a wide range of modes of expression.
>       Note: This too is the only rendition that makes sense.
>The purpose of 3.4 is to encourage page authors to include graphics and
>multi-media to the content, not to tell writers to include various types of
>expression in the text, which is what you have said.

Oh, for heaven's sake. Illustration, writing, video, and sound are 
examples of modes of expression.

>There are at least three types of "modes of expression"

Types of modes of expression? Categories of categories?

>3.4 Illustrate your text content.

Sound isn't an illustration, and quit picking on text.

I would be tempted to laugh at this ridiculous inability to 
understand simple English words were the source not Anne Pemberton, 
who pretty much has this group by the gonads. She seems to be 
shouting the loudest, and everyone else is afraid to stand up to this 
extremist. Unable to accept a fair compromise of adding graphics, 
illustrations, sound, and video *whenever possible*, her goal is the 
absolute eradication of text-only sites from the Web in the putative 
guise of accessibility, an overarching, crypto-fascist goal we must 
oppose at every turn.
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