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Re: WHat makes Icons accessible or not?

From: Anne Pemberton <apembert@erols.com>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 17:15:34 -0400
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To: <ryladog@earthlink.net>, "3WC WCAG" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>

	I agree that distinct colors would make the icons easier to use,
especially since any given guideline/checkpoint/technique could have more
than one icon that it applies to. 

	The size of the first two icons is better than the size of the third icon
in each set. The third icons are too small to tell what it is (in 600x800
resolution). I would imagine they'd be a nightmare for anyone with low

	I noticed that Charles used very simple alt tags, just a statement of
which icon each was instead of trying to explain why they are there. I've
been struggling with the text alternatives for the illustrations for
guideline 3, but if I follow Charles' lead I can  move on. Thanks, Charles!


At 08:02 AM 5/1/01 -0400, Katie Haritos-Shea wrote:
>	I have to agree with Anne. The first icons are the clearest, but I
>would suggest assigning distinct colors (one predominant color per icon),
>not red in both Multimedia Creation Tools and Content Management Tools.  And
>the doc tree for Programming Tools is a bit too complicated, less or larger
>boxes.  And, of course best with no background color, transparent is best.
>	Easy for me to say.....................I can make those changes if
>you so desire........................................Katie
>Katie Haritos-Shea
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