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RE: How do I make my app DAV-aware?

From: Dennis E. Hamilton <dennis.hamilton@acm.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 14:18:23 -0800
To: <da2in@yahoo.com>
Cc: "WebDAV Discussion List" <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
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I did a search on Web Folders on Microsoft's MSDN Online and found

	About Web Folders (remember to concatenate this URL to use it)

	documents the Web Folder object, which you should be able to use.

I stopped on this one, but there should be more, especially in Office
Developer if not elsewhere.

You might want to look at making your application ODMA compliant as well.
(Word 2000 is.  Sometimes.)

This won't get you to Web Folders directly, but we are looking at building
an ODMA DMS Driver that provides Web Folders / WebDAV access.

I don't have a promise on when we will have done that, though I would like
prototype code running by AIIM 2002 in the first full week of March.

Let me know whether the C Language ODMA API is something that is usable in
your application.  (There is a dormant project to make an ActiveX /
Automation interface, but I need to put a bomb in that volcano.)

If the API is usable, I can sketch a way to migrate if you are interested.
Otherwise, you might dig into using Web Folders directly.  It may take some

-- Dennis

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I'm a newbie to WebDAV and have just recently started
looking at some WebDAV resources.

I have an application that prompts the user for the
filename and location to where he/she wants to save
data file that my app creates.  This prompt is just
common save dialog and works well if the data file is
being saved to the local drive of the user's PC.  But,
when the location is on webfolder, I get the following

  "You cannot save in the folder you specified.
Please choose another location."

I've tried creating a dummy text file with both MS
WordPad and
Notepad (on a PC using Win2K), and tried to save (via
the common
save dialog) to the webfolder.  Both cases give the
above message.

But, when I tried to do the same test using Microsoft
Word 2000, the
save operation works.

Also, I tried another test with Webdrive
(www.webdrive.com) and mapped a
drive letter to the webfolder, used that drive letter
and filename
in my app, and that worked.

So, my question is, how do I make my app work like
Microsoft Word in
it's use of the common save dialog?  Or do I have to
write a network
redirector (which I have no idea how to do yet) to
mimic what the
Webdrive software is doing?

I just want to allow my app to support the user's
action of
browsing to the webfolder (in the common save dialog
of my app) and
clicking on the Save button.

Any info would greatly be appreciated!



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