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Re: Can RDFa be used on XML: pharma information

From: Matthias Samwald <samwald@gmx.at>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 11:41:24 +0200
Message-ID: <7ECA0BC1D9434A56A0399166C9E8B03F@ms>
To: "Rick Jelliffe" <rjelliffe@allette.com.au>, <public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org>
Hi Rick,

I think adding parts of RDFa into your XML without turning the whole XML 
into some kind of XHTML document will not help much.

If you want to use RDFa and make your data part of the Semantic Web, why 
don't you add more RDFa to your current HTML pages? I see that they do not 
contain all of the data in your XML file, but still there is some valuable 
information in the tables that is still without semantic markup.

In case that the HTML and XML are generated from the same databases (and 
this seems to be the case), you could also make the information that is 
currently only available in the XML version available in the HTML version. 
If you want to hide the details from the reader, but make it available to 
the machines, then you  can use 'hidden' RDFa.

Just some ideas.

Matthias Samwald

DERI Galway, Ireland

Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution & Cognition Research, Austria

From: "Rick Jelliffe" <rjelliffe@allette.com.au>
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 11:20 AM
To: <public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org>
Subject: Can RDFa be used on XML:  pharma information

> I am working on improving the semweb markup on an Australian government 
> Department of Health and Aging website, which has HTML and XML versions of 
> the medicines allowed for prescription and the amount the government pays. 
> It has various links to interesting documents, and we want to make it more 
> semweb friendly.
> Here are two example pages to give you the idea (they have different 
> selections of data):
> http://www.pbs.gov.au/html/consumer/search/results?term=Zyprexa%20Zydis&publication=GE
> http://www.pbs.gov.au/xml/consumer/search/results?term=Zyprexa%20Zydis&publication=GE
> We are doing some general things like improving the microformats (DC and 
> hproduct) in the HTML.
> But the plan was to decorate the XML (which has extra information)  with 
> the appropriate RDFa, which seems perfect. But now I see that the RDFa 
> spec says that RDFa is designed for use on XHTML. We do no want to use it 
> that way, we want to augment the XML.
> So I was wondering if anyone here had any advice? I see the choices
> 1) Convert to old RDF or some other format and making this available too: 
> but we really don't want to do this (an extra thing to maintain, more 
> bandwidth, etc)
> 2) Just ploughing ahead and using RDFa on XML even if nothing can use it. 
> (Would that be the case?)
> 3) Err, Something clever from people on this list.
> Any ideas about what people do with RDF?
> Cheers
> Rick Jelliffe 
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