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Re: [call for comments] voiD - vocabulary of interlinked datasets

From: Olaf Hartig <hartig@informatik.hu-berlin.de>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:58:10 +0200
To: "Hausenblas, Michael" <michael.hausenblas@joanneum.at>
Cc: "Keith Alexander" <k.j.w.alexander@gmail.com>, public-lod@w3.org
Message-Id: <200806111558.11598.hartig@informatik.hu-berlin.de>


On Wednesday 11 June 2008 14:40:12 Hausenblas, Michael wrote:
> [...]
> provenance is indeed in scope (as it says it on the Wiki, but too hidden, I
> guess): 
> ' + using scovo to attach statistics (such as number of instances of a
> certain class, etc.) and extend with dc:provenance for scovo:Item'
> so, the basic idea IIRC is to extend scovo (which is under our control
> as well ;) to hold the provenance information.

I was aware of this point. However, I interpreted it as follows. Statistical 
information about the dataset is represented by scovo:Item instances. Those 
statistic items will get a dc:provenance property which represents the 
provenance of the statistic item (e.g. methods with which the statistics have 
been generated).
I am proposing, in contrast, a possibility to represent the provenance of the 
data in the dataset.

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