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Draft agenda, Oct. 23-24 face-to-face meeting

From: Michael(tm) Smith <mike@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 17:31:59 +0900
To: public-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <20080910083159.GA8763@toro.w3.mag.keio.ac.jp>

The following is a draft agenda for the HTML Working Group October
2008 face-to-face meeting. Your comments and suggestions for
changes or refinements to it are welcome.

The agenda places a focus on considering test cases for each
section of the spec as a way of reviewing maturity and priority of
the features in/near that section.

For any work we do together on test cases at this point, it would
seem best to prioritize it toward those parts of the spec that are
somewhat stable but for which implementations are not yet
unchangeable -- and important to take time to try to get that done
right. Because it's possible that may take longer than the time
allotted for it in the draft agenda, there's some flexibility in
the agenda for us to use as needed.

Thursday 23 October
    Convene and take some time to do introductions.

    Review and discuss agenda, update as needed.

    Begin section-by-section "whirlwind" what-can-we-start-
    testing-now review of the current HTML5 draft: Look at and
    discuss each section *briefly*, just with the goal of
    identifying those parts of the spec for which we want to begin
    focused work on test-case writing.

    Morning coffee break

    Continue and complete section-by-section "whirlwind"
    what-can-we-start-testing-now review of HTML5 draft.


    Check on progress we have made from the spec review, re-plan
    as needed.

    One or more people in the group with experience in test-case
    development will give high-level introduction about writing of
    test cases for spec and building test suites.

    Begin hands-on test-case-writing tutorial, again led by one or
    more people in the group with experience in test-case development.

    Afternoon break.

    Continue hands-on test-case writing tutorial.

    Review what progress we've made during the first day, and
    re-plan and adjust the agenda for day two as needed.

Friday 24 October

    Re-Convene, introductions from those who didn't attend on day

    Continue working together on test cases started on day one
    during the test-case writing tutorial.

    Evaluate progress made thus far on test cases. Decide how much
    of the remaining time of day two we want to use for continued
    test-case writing.

    Morning break.

    Interlude: Test harnesses. Take some time to have a discussion
    around what test harness to use for the test suite, including
    taking a look at test harness being used by CSS WG.

    Lunch break.

    Discuss set-up of infrastructure to support continued
    collaborative development of a test suite after the
    face-to-face; get specific commitments from people to write
    test cases and from selected people to do test-case review.

    Continue work on writing test-cases together OR other topics
    if we as group agree to use this time for something else.

    Afternoon break.

    Continue work on writing test-cases together OR other topics
    if we as group agree to use this time for something else.

    Wrap-up and summarize what we've achieved during day one and
    day two, and document plan for going forward with work on the test
    suite after the face-to-face.

Michael(tm) Smith
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