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Re: Proposal: accessibility revision for the img element...

From: Sander Tekelenburg <st@isoc.nl>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:08:20 +0200
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To: <public-html@w3.org>

At 10:45 +0900 UTC, on 2007-06-27, Karl Dubost wrote:

> Le 26 juin 2007 à 21:11, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
>> 0.2% of the pages out there use the <image> element per some non-
>> scientific study Hixie did for Google in 2005-12. You can read that
>> in the source code of the HTML5 specification that handles <image>.
>> What pages "assume" is hard to measure. However, given that all
>> browsers support this quirk I suppose it's necessary.
> Is there an interop table  for the "image" element?
> Which user agents support it?

Simple test case at <http://santek.no-ip.org/~st/tests/imagetag/>. iCab,
Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE6 present both the image and fallback. lynx
renders the fallback only.

Sander Tekelenburg
The Web Repair Initiative: <http://webrepair.org/>
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