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Re: Draft XG Charter

From: Gavin Treadgold <gt@kestrel.co.nz>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 09:40:13 +1200
Message-Id: <457017F7-EED9-4CC6-AAB6-2805A9055367@kestrel.co.nz>
To: W3C Disaster Management Ontology List <public-disaster-management-ont@w3.org>

Hi Olle

Please note that the International Association of Emergency Managers  
is full of local and national emergency managers. At this point it  
probably represents on of the best international opportunities to  
involve local/national EM in the process. It will be too difficult  
for us to consult all stakeholders if we go to every country. Better  
to get a representative group from the IAEM that provides input from  
the perspective of national or local EM stakeholders.

So no, I wasn't intending on dropping national out of the  
consultation process. The IAEM just seems to be a more effective  
means of obtaining consultation.

Cheers Gav

On 14/08/2007, at 01:07, Olle Olsson wrote:

> As I indicated in an earlier message, I regard organisations at the  
> national as important stakeholders. Hence, to exclude this  
> reference is too drastic. I fully expect *all* specific  
> stakeholders to have views that are suboptimal -- national as well  
> as international. The work of the XG is to see what knowledge about  
> the domain exists out there, evaluate it, and see what of this can  
> contribute to emerging standards and what cannot be used.
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