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Re: The United Humans investment offer

From: Bohdan Andriyiv <bohdan.andriyiv@validbook.org>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 18:23:38 +0200
To: "Sam Chase" <samantha@venn.agency>
Cc: "Greg Kidd" <gregkidd@gmail.com>, "W3C Credentials CG" <public-credentials@w3.org>
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Sam, I am not saying my project is better than others. Let a thousand flowers bloom! I would be happy to know about other projects and discuss them.

What I am saying is "I have a great idea - to build The United Humans organization, similarly as we have The United Nations organization. Here is the short description of how it can be funded and what can be its purpose - to build a set of core cooperation tools. Here is POC. Here is development roadmap. Join me!".  So far, in reply I hear something like – "Why don't you join more mature foundations to do this, they are doing something similar." I have wrote here the reasons why this way of starting The United Humans organization is not desirable - https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-credentials/2018Dec/0073.html 

>There are about a thousand steps that need to happen before your initiative is even possible.
Although, this project has global vision, it can be started small. You do not need thousands step to start it. You can just build it. The POC is done.  I'd rather discuss POC and central points that make The United Humans possible (graph analysis of web of claims about unique representation of human individuals; long term funding of UH; Kudos distribution, etc.). It would be much more productive.

Anyway Sam, thank you for taking part in the conversation about The United Humans idea. It is still valuable! I will be happy to reply to other critique.


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 > Your answer read as “yes but my way is better.” There are about a thousand steps that need to happen before your initiative is even possible. We as a group are doing the things needed collaboratively to grow this standard. You starting something that is completely your vision and then asking everyone (WHO ALSO HAVE PROJECTS, and don’t blast the entire group about them asking for money) to support you.   
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