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From: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 15:19:23 -0700
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1) HTTP 1.0 script is written which expect to get GETs.
2) HTTP 1.0 resource is programmed to redirect with a 301/302 to the
HTTP/1.0 script
3) Server is upgraded to HTTP/1.1 but the HTTP 1.0 resource and the HTTP
1.0 script are not upgraded.
4) HTTP/1.1 browser comes along and sends a POST to the HTTP 1.0
resource and receives a 301/302. HTTP/1.1 browser sends a POST to the
HTTP 1.0 script. The HTTP 1.0 script gets completely confused because it
was expecting a GET and the user never sees the proper data.

My suggestion is, as horrible as this is going to sound, that we change
the definition of 301/302 to redirect to GET and make 303/304 be
redirect, permanently or temporarily, with the same method. We can't
force the whole world to rewrite all their scripts and our users aren't
going to accept "Well gee, you know, the script is doing the wrong
thing, it should send a 303 not a 301/302."

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