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Re: Assigned paths

From: Jeff de la Beaujardiere <delabeau@iniki.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 10:27:12 -0400
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Graham Klyne writes:
> Referring to the CGI example from your earlier posting: "/cgi-bin/..."
> isn't it whatever lies at the end of the "..." bit (i.e. something the
> server recognizes as a CGI script) which triggers the server into CGI
> invocation, rather than the "/cgi-bin" prefix?

Either a prefix like /cgi-bin or suffix like .cgi may be relevant, depending
on the server config.

Apache uses a ScriptAlias directive to inform the server that the directory
referenced by /cgi-bin contains executable files rather than documents.  In
that sense, it is the /cgi-bin prefix which triggers the server.  However,
you can configure Apache to recognize scripts stored in other directories by
declaring a handler for a particular file extension, and in that case it is
the .cgi suffix which triggers the server.

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