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Re: [Tidy-dev] Accessibility checking in Tidy

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Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 08:23:13 EST
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creitzel@rcn.com writes:

> You raise a basic question: are the W3C guidelines sufficiently general to 
>  apply to non-U.S.  And, vice versa, are the W3C guidelines specific enough 
>  so that compliance with W3C accessibility guidelines is sufficient for 
>  federal guidelines?  I took a quick look at the w3c link below and didn't 
>  see any mention of the issue.

There are few official Government WCA (Web Content Accessibility) guidelines 
extant. A notable exception is Australia which has adopted the W3C WAI Web 
Content Accessibility Guidelines (1.0) in totality. There are other countries 
such as Canada and the United Kingdom that are formalizing official 

The US "Section 508" WCA guidelines you refer to above differ from the W3C 
WAI guidelines significantly.

I invite you to visit my WCA page ..........


.......... for general WCA information -- follow the links to the "US 
Government Section 508" and Australian Government pages for detailed 

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