RE: 5.10.4 from-page-master-region discrepancy?

I may be misreading, but since a page-sequence is not a descendant of a page-sequence, doesn’t the paragraph before the one you cited cover this situation?

The computed value of the designated property is taken from that property on the layout formatting object being used to generate the region viewport/reference area pair.

In other words, the value comes from the simple-page-master called all-pages.

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From: Glenn Adams []
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 12:13
Subject: 5.10.4 from-page-master-region discrepancy?

In XSL-FO 1.1, 5.10.4, appears:

"If this function is used in an expression on a formatting object, F, that is a descendant of an fo:page-sequence, then the computed value is taken from the region specification that was used to generate the nearest ancestor region reference area which has as its descendants the areas returned by F."

However, this is followed by an example where "this function" (from-page-master-region) is used on fo:page-sequence, and not a descendant of fo:page-sequence!

<fo:page-sequence master-name="default-sequence"


How is this example to be reconciled with the normative language cited above about being "used in an expression ... that is a descendant of an fo:page-sequence"?


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