RE: Specification of "text-align-last" property

This question has been raised previously and dealt with at
We believe the XSL 1.1 spec is unambiguous with regard to this issue now
as discussed in the above referenced email (except see section 7.16.10
for the "text-align-last" description in XSL 1.1).
If after reviewing that email, someone believes there is still an
ambiguity, please let us know.


[] On Behalf Of srinivasarao vegunta
	Sent: Tuesday, 2007 January 23 23:53
	Subject: Specification of "text-align-last" property
I noticed a different behaviour of the two main XSL-FO-Processors
RenderX XEP and AntennaHouse XSLFormatter with respect to the
"text-align-last" property of XSL-FO. Both support-teams say they are
right. Maybe I can get an "official" answer from the list.

The problem can be summarizes as: "When breaking a block by an included
block, is the last line before the included block affected by

For Example:

<fo:block text-align="justify" text-align-last="justify">
  brah brah<fo:block/>brah<fo:leader leader-pattern="dots"/>

will result in
brah      brah
(notice the alignment of the first line)

or in

brah brah

I am not really sure which one is conform to XSL-FO 1.1. Maybe someone
can help.


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