Specification of "text-align-last" property

I noticed a different behaviour of the two main XSL-FO-Processors
RenderX XEP and AntennaHouse XSLFormatter with respect to the
"text-align-last" property of XSL-FO. Both support-teams say they are
right. Maybe I can get an "official" answer from the list.

The problem can be summarizes as: "When breaking a block by an included
block, is the last line before the included block affected by

For Example:

<fo:block text-align="justify" text-align-last="justify">
  brah brah<fo:block/>brah<fo:leader leader-pattern="dots"/>

will result in
brah      brah
(notice the alignment of the first line)

or in

brah brah

I am not really sure which one is conform to XSL-FO 1.1. Maybe someone
can help.

Best Regards,

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Received on Wednesday, 8 November 2006 07:33:22 UTC