RE: alignment-baseline and aligment-adjust properties

It turns out it might not be as simple as some missing
or extra values.  At least some SG members believe it
is more complicated than just an editorial oversight.

Since this wording comes from XSL 1.0, we plan to
process it as an erratum to 1.0 and fold it into
1.1 when it is ready.  Given that this is a 1.0
erratum and not a new 1.1 issue, We do not plan 
to hold up the XSL 1.1 CR for this issue.  We do
expect to be able to fold in the resolution of this
erratum before 1.1 becomes a Rec.


Paul Grosso for the XSL FO SG 

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> Subject: alignment-baseline and aligment-adjust properties
> This comment applies to the current spec as well as the current draft.
> Both, the alignment-baseline and aligment-adjust properties 
> refer in their
> descriptions to the values "top", "bottom", "text-top", and 
> "text-bottom".
> However, in their actual definitions these values are not 
> included. I assume
> this is an editorial oversight or am I missing something?
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> Manuel

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