Chapter 4 comments of 1.1 spec

Comments on Section 4 of the Specification:

1.) For section 4.2.2 of the 1.1 Spec [1], Common
Traits, the definition of is-reference-area is given
as follows:

"The Boolean trait is-reference-area determines
whether or not an area establishes a coordinate system
for specifying indents. An area for which this trait
is true is called a reference-area."

This definition of "is-reference-area" seems somewhat
confusing, because the emphasis is placed on the
establishment of a coordinate system, not on the fact
that you can specify indents with them.  (I.e., one
infers a non-reference-area uses some other form of
system for specifying indents rather than not being
able to specify indents at all.)

Perhaps this is clearer:

"An area for which the Boolean is-reference-area trait
is true is called a reference-area.  Only reference
areas may have indents specified."

2.) The definition of is-viewport-area is given in the
same section.  However, the specification does not
appear to define the precise FOs/areas which have an
is-viewport-area value of "true" -- so I'm unsure
which areas are actually viewport-areas.  [This is in
contrast to is-reference-area, where the FO's that
have this trait set to true are defined here [2], and
the five FO's which generate areas having this trait
are also defined ([3], for example, in the "Trait
Derivation" section.)]

Glen Mazza




Received on Thursday, 26 February 2004 09:51:49 UTC