Re: XSL 1.1 WD comment: The properties which may be attached to an F O.

Paul Grosso wrote:
> At 08:56 2004 01 16 +1000, Peter B. West wrote:
>>What about from-parent() & from-nearest-specified-value() ?
> I thought of this before I gave my previous answer, but I
> was concentrating on "applying", and these functions don't
> change "applying to", so I think my answer stands.
> But you are effectively asking the following question:
>   If one has a non-inheritable property on an FO to which that
>   property does not apply, and a descendant FO to which that
>   property does apply references that property via a from-parent()
>   or from-nearest-specified-value() function call, what value 
>   is returned by that function call?
> I will pass this question on to the group.  The tricky thing is
> that these functions return the "computed value" of the property,
> and I'm not sure if a property has a computed value if that 
> property doesn't apply (but I'm not sure if it doesn't either,
> which is why I'll be asking others who are more expert on the
> data model here).

Thanks Paul.  I have worked on the assumptions that 1) a "computed 
value" can be derived regardless of the application or inheritability of 
the property, and 2) this is the value that is returned by the above 

Some optimisation is available during FO Tree construction by virtue of 
the fact that, once the subtree of an FO node has had its property 
values resolved, properties not directly applicable to the FO node 
(including inheritable properties) are no longer required at the node.

This doesn't work for fo:static-content or fo:marker, but that still 
allows the property set of majority of the fo:flow tree to be optimised 
as the resolution of property values for a node (and its subtree) completes.

Peter B. West <>

Received on Friday, 16 January 2004 18:18:13 UTC