Re: Table-caption rendering question

At 2004-04-28 08:55 -0500, Paul Grosso wrote:
>At 09:18 2004 04 28 -0400, G. Ken Holman wrote:
> >Is it intended that the caption described by <table-caption> be rendered 
> on every page on which a portion of the associated table is rendered?
>Answering only for myself, and not the XSL FO SG, I'd say that
>the spec gives no indication (as it does in the "Common usage"
>part of section 6.7.3 on fo:table regarding fo:table-header and
>fo:table-footer) that fo:table-caption is repeated in any way.

Thank you for that clarification ... it has been my assumption that the 
reason the caption was abstracted out as its own construct was, indeed, to 
be rendered at the specified position of every fragment of the table that 
showed up on separate pages.  It seemed to me an appropriate role for a 
caption to be seen by the reader of a document everywhere where part of the 
table was being seen.

Thanks for taking from your time to respond with your personal perspective 
on this, Paul.  I'll assume for now, based on your citation, that this was 
the intention.

....................... Ken

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