Re: Comment on 1.1 Spec, fo:conditional-page-master-reference

Glen Mazza wrote on 18.04.2004 04:27:30:

> For the definition of the fo:conditional-page-master-reference[1], the 
> "Note" in this section appears inaccurate:
> "If any page-master referenced from a conditional-page-master-reference 
> with blank-or-not-blank="|true|" provides a region in which to put 
> fo:flow content, no content is put in that region."


> Recommendation is to remove the sentence comprising the Note.

I agree with this and would like to add a request for a clarification
on how fo:static-content is handled in "blank" pages.

The spec seems to *imply* that fo:static content *is* rendered on
blank pages (see 6.4.19 and 6.4.11) - and this is certainly useful.
However, in the light of the spec explicitly noting in multiple places
that fo:flow content does *not* appear on "blank" pages, while
avoiding to mention fo:static-content, I might suggest a clarification.


Arnd Beissner
Arnd Bei▀ner
Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH

Received on Tuesday, 20 April 2004 14:42:11 UTC