Comment on 1.1 Spec, fo:conditional-page-master-reference


For the definition of the fo:conditional-page-master-reference[1], the 
"Note" in this section appears inaccurate:

"If any page-master referenced from a conditional-page-master-reference 
with blank-or-not-blank="|true|" provides a region in which to put 
fo:flow content, no content is put in that region."

There appears to be three problems with this statement:

1.)  Although the blank-or-not-blank property may *resolve* to "true", 
that is not an acceptable value for the property--it is limited to 
"blank", "not blank", "any", or "inherit".  (Both in the description of 
this property in [1] and in [2]).  If it was your intention to mean 
"resolve to true", you should probably remove the quotes from the above.

But even so:

2.)  The first of the three conditions in which this trait evaluates to 
true ([1], paragraph just above the Note) is when the value of the trait 
is "not-blank" and there are areas generated.  So the Note appears to be 
contradicted:  here, blank-or-not-blank evaluates to "true", but content 
*will be* put in that region.  (A similar statement can be made when the 
value for this property is "any".)

3.)  The Note appears to have the definition backwards:  it is the fact 
that no content ended up being put in the region, along with a value of 
this trait being "blank" or "any", which *caused* the value of this 
trait to resolve to "true".  Not that fact that it is "true" beforehand, 
and hence no content is to be put into the region.

Recommendation is to remove the sentence comprising the Note.


Glen Mazza
FOP Team


Received on Tuesday, 20 April 2004 12:57:49 UTC