RE: [xsl] XSL:FO - How to wrap non-word strings in table cells?

At 2003-10-02 08:25 +0100, wrote:
>Eliot wrote:
> > It would probably be useful for XSL FO implementations to
> > provide some
> > way to configure their behavior in these sorts of situations, but
> > anything like that would be outside the scope of what the FO
> > spec defines.
>Since it is requested so often, perhaps asking the WG to consider
>a solution is appropriate?

I wouldn't subscribe to adding any such features in this area.

>The most often requested place is a table cell,
>so perhaps something like a hint to the processor,
>break-at="20" meaning if needed, presume a soft-hyphen at character position
>20 within any word?
>Any other suggestions anyone?

Yes, I suggest we should not go there.

Consider my example of wanting to break URLs at arbitrary locations (after 
each slash in my string).  If "the way to do this" is with a break-at= 
property, then I'll have to *still* use a zero-width space and not be able 
to take advantage of the property.

It is my opinion that the insertion of the character is the most flexible 
and the "correct" way to address this need, and indeed I teach the use of 
this character in my lecture on "breaks and keeps".

In general I would be worried that throwing in a lot of special use 
properties would bog down an already large specification, and the evidence 
is that the working group does put a lot of thought into adding any new 
properties.  I would hope that new properties would be general purpose in 
adding a feature usable in many situations rather than just special casing 
one particular situation (such as periodic breaking) out of a general case 
(breaking of lines).

I hope this helps.

.................. Ken

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