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Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 02:11:16 +1000
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Subject: Questions about markers


At 01:11 2003 02 07 +1000, Peter B. West wrote:

[Background elided--see ]

>Is this environment conceptually akin to that which would obtain
>were the fo:marker subtree transposed to the position in the FO
>tree occupied by the fo:retrieve-marker during phase 1 of FO tree
>In this case, all properties specified and inherited are available to
>"normal" inheritance and to the core functions.

Yes.  This is what we're trying to say in the spec when it says
(under Trait Deriviation for 6.11.4 fo:retrieve-marker [1]):

  The properties and traits specified on the ancestors of the fo:retrieve-marker
  are taken into account when formatting the children of the retrieved fo:marker
  as if the children had the same ancestors as the fo:retrieve-marker.

(This does mean that inheritance and property function evaluation does sometimes 
depend on what happens during the formatting and pagination process.)

Do you have a suggestion on how the spec could be clearer in this area?

Paul Grosso
for XSL FO Subgroup


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