language binding

Hello xsl editors,

I was wondering if the issue of language binding ( and subsequent lack of a
dedicated WG ) may be handed off as an issue for the new TAG group ?

One of the reasons why I suggest this, is that language binding falls across
many remits; the potential for derivatives is harrowing at best. I see now
divergent methods of extending functionality occuring in XSLT, SVG, Xforms,
etc.... and there would also be the commonly discussed situation of certain
languages being  prefered over others .....I will not go into the finer
details of the namespace language bindings or xsl:script arguements etc...

The creation of yet another group to deal with this, would slow things right
down;  when we probably require an common solution so that the other WG's
may harmonise their own working drafts earlier rather then later. I would
settle for something simple and widely accepted, then the opposite.

chow, jim fuller

Received on Wednesday, 23 January 2002 07:14:32 UTC