I wonder whether it would be worth making a note about the (lack of?)
effect of escape-uri-attributes on the XML output method, just to
clarify what happens if you use the XML output method to serialise a
result tree containing attributes with xs:anyURI values.

As I understand it, the lexical representation of an xs:anyURI value
can contain escaped or unescaped characters, as long as when you run
it through the algorithm in Section 5.4 of the XLink Rec, you get a
valid URI. Nothing is said in the XML Schema Datatypes Rec about a
canonical lexical representation for xs:anyURI.

It might make sense for the escape-uri-attributes attribute to govern
whether the xs:anyURI values were serialized with or without escaping
for the XML output method as well as the HTML and XHTML output

Or it might make sense for... um... the Data Model spec, I guess, to
say something about the canonical lexical representation of xs:anyURI,
and for the XSLT spec to make a note that the escape-uri-attributes
doesn't have any effect on the way URI attributes in markup languages
other than (X)HTML are escaped.


Jeni Tennison

Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2002 08:08:02 UTC