Re: xslt2 issues

> The rationale here, 'Java is better than XSLT', is something I would
> argue with. That is probably fine for Jeni T, I don't think it is 
> right to say it is 'best' for everybody.

It's not java vs xslt, it's built in rather than not. (eg MSXML
includes built in functions which are, I assume, written in C++,
I don't know and don't care what they are written in, but if I call a
function msxsl:xxx() Then i want to get microsofts version not some xslt
approximation. However i may still want to define msxsl:xxx() as an xslt
user defined function so the stylesheet will work elsewhere. If I wanted
to be sure that my own function was used on all implementations
including microsofts, i'd stick the function in a namespace starting

> Though there are probably stylesheet author reasons why, say,
> the exslt:something or other isn't quite right for him/her,

then define your own function. But if you do that you shouldn't put it
in the exslt namespace, so the issue of name clashes is moot.


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