RE: xslt2 issues

Sidestepping David And Mike's comments for the minute:

> Say I define math:sqrt() using xsl:function in my stylesheet (which is
> nasty, deep, recursive XSLT). Say Mike has implemented math:sqrt() in
> Saxon. If I run the stylesheet with Saxon, I expect the better
> function to be used, and that has to be Mike's because Java is a lot
> better at doing square roots than XSLT (which can only estimate them).

The rationale here, 'Java is better than XSLT', is something I would
argue with. That is probably fine for Jeni T, I don't think it is 
right to say it is 'best' for everybody.
I don't think I want to take this any further until the DC comment
re ns is resolved.

> Also, I think it's important to recognise that "end users" (the people
> actually seeing the results of the transformation) do not define their
> own functions. It seems to me that the the 'end user wins' argument is
> really an argument between the rights of those who view the result of
> the transformation and the rights of those who are authoring the
> stylesheet, which isn't really applicable in this case.

To my way of thinking the 'end user' here is the stylesheet author,
not the recipient of the styled source file.

> But please go ahead and prove me wrong. Can you provide an example of
> a function (in existence or imaginary) that you would want to override
> in your stylesheet by writing an implementation using XSLT instead,
> where it's impractical to write your own function in your own
> namespace instead, and use that?

Which is why I want to wait for the ns resolution (say's he,
chickening out v.quickly :-)

Though there are probably stylesheet author reasons why, say,
the exslt:something or other isn't quite right for him/her,
perhaps the date formatting isn't right for my locale?

Regards DaveP


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