RE: xslt2 issues

> Issue (user-functions-vs-vendor-functions): Should 
> user-defined functions
> override vendor-defined functions of the same name, as 
> specified here, or
> should it be the other way around?
> I would support a 'end user wins' approach, i.e. the 
> stylesheet authors code
> overrides
> the vendor code. 
> Rationale the same as with CSS stylesheets. Application proposes, user
> disposes, to use the WAI phrasing.
I think the counter-example that was put forward was where the stylesheet
imports a third-party library such as exslt:math, where the vendor has
inbuilt implementations of some of those functions.

On the whole I agree with you that it's better the end-user function should
win. But we may want to permit a vendor-defined mechanism that allows users
to control the precedence. Just a thought. 

Mike Kay

Received on Thursday, 3 January 2002 11:12:18 UTC