RE: xslt2 issues

Mike wrote:
> > Issue (user-functions-vs-vendor-functions): Should 
> > user-defined functions
> > override vendor-defined functions of the same name, as 
> > specified here, or
> > should it be the other way around?
> > 
> > I would support a 'end user wins' approach, i.e. the 
> > stylesheet authors code
> > overrides
> > the vendor code. 
> > 
> > Rationale the same as with CSS stylesheets. Application 
> proposes, user
> > disposes, to use the WAI phrasing.
> > 
> I think the counter-example that was put forward was where 
> the stylesheet
> imports a third-party library such as exslt:math, where the vendor has
> inbuilt implementations of some of those functions.

If I (rightly or wrongly) import something from exslt, then its 
still my prerogative as 'user' to make use of it, despite the fact
that Microsoft or 4xslt or Saxon may 'do it better' ?

I can see the frustrated responses of end users when they 'don't get 
what they wanted (more likely expected)' ?

> On the whole I agree with you that it's better the end-user 
> function should
> win. But we may want to permit a vendor-defined mechanism 
> that allows users
> to control the precedence. Just a thought. 

I'd vote against that on the previous principle.

Regards DaveP


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