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Thank you for your comment to archived at

The XSL WG is going through the comments at this time, developing
errata and lists of items to consider for a future version of XSL.

The following is our disposition of your above comment:

Disposition: Accepted (bug in spec)

A clarifying note will be added to explain this.

Erratum, Section 5.9:


after the 1st paragraph


The expression language supports operations on a limited set of datatypes. These do not include <angle>, <time>, and <frequency>. Values of these
datatypes must be strings in the expression language. The definition of these datatypes specify the allowed form of these strings.

Please Reply (cc-ing if you wish to make
an objection to our resolution.

Thank you for your interest in XSL.

Paul Grosso for the XSL FO Subgroup of the XSL WG

Received on Sunday, 30 June 2002 17:59:24 UTC