Extension attributes


There are certain attributes in the XSLT namespace that can be placed
on any literal result element (e.g. xsl:exclude-result-prefixes,

Currently, though, if you specify an extension attribute on a literal
result element, in a namespace other than the XSLT namespace, it
always gets added to the result tree [Section 7.1.1].

I think it would tie in better with the behaviour of the XSLT
attributes and with extension elements if the effect of
extension-element-prefixes/xsl:extension-element-prefixes were
extended such that attributes with extension namespaces are not added
to the result tree.

I haven't got a real use case for it, but the fact that there are such
attributes in the XSLT namespace implies that it's possible to think
of extension attributes for xsl:element, and hence for literal result
elements, that you wouldn't want to include in the result tree.


Jeni Tennison

Received on Monday, 19 November 2001 12:40:09 UTC