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[2.7.12] Constants and Macro Arguments

[2.7.13] Macros

[2.7.13] Macros (example used)

[2.7.8] Count property

[2.9.1] Stylesheet Import (example used)

[3.17.4] Reminder: some unmentioned properties

Comments on XSL Draft

Feature request: multiple file output

Issue(sibling-qual) : Qualifying on sibling type should be supported

Java Script, and it's conflicts with 2.4.4

problem with xsl:if in the 18-August-1998 XSL Working Draft

Property: external-graphic-id (clarification)

Property: linespacing-strategy

Public archive of comments?

Size of XSL Page

Suggestion: parallel to data() function

Suggestion: repeated patterns

Test message

test of new list

The Can Even Steal Your Identity!

Two in one; minor comments and questions

Why can't Unique IDs be elements?

XSL pains

XSL spec and external entities

XSL working draft

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