Re: controlling indentation on individual XSLT steps?

Thanks, all, for the quick responses. Achim reported that Morgana may not
yet be processing suppress-indentation (as Gerrit also surmised), so
bracketing that for the moment, I'm having trouble specifying indent on a
<p:store>. The relevant bits, removing the attempt to deal with
suppress-indentation, read:

  <p:xslt name="split-forms">
    <p:with-input port="stylesheet" href="split-alternative-stress.xsl"/>

  <p:store href="../../output/adj-split-forms.xml" >
    <p:with-option name="indent" select="false()"/>

and compilation fails with:

djb@koala-4 adj % morgana adj.xpl
Copyright 2011-2020 by <xml-project /> Achim Berndzen

Compilation error(s):
Error XS0031 in file:///Users/djb/repos/cz/pos/adj/adj.xpl [52/46]: Option
'indent' is not declared for '{}store'.
Error XS0031 in file:///Users/djb/repos/cz/pos/adj/adj.xpl [68/52]: Option
'indent' is not declared for '{}store'.

For debugging purposes I am using <p:store> to write interim results to
disk after each of the two pipelined XSLT steps, and I use <p:sink>, at the
end, so that the primary output is not ... well ... output. I think my
revised questions, then, are:

1. Should I expect the "indent" value on <xsl:output> to be honored inside
XProc, between steps, even though I won't see what it does until I
serialize something later? That is, if I chain together two XSLT
transformations and specify indentation or no indentation with <xsl:output>
on the first, will the input to the second be indented or not according to
that specification? If <xsl:output> does not control indentation in an
XProc context, is there another way I can control whether the first
transformation pipes indented vs non-indented output into the second?

2. It looks as if I haven't understood correctly (in the example above) how
to specify indentation (or not) on <p:store>. Does someone with sharper
eyes (or, at least, more XProc experience) see what I'm missing?

Thanks again,


On Sat, Oct 3, 2020 at 1:34 PM Norm Tovey-Walsh <> wrote:

> David Birnbaum <> writes:
> > I'm executing a pipeline that includes two consecutive XSLT step where,
> > outside the XPRoc 3 environment, I control pretty-printing with:
> XProc isn’t serializing between steps, so the stylesheet serialization
> parameters don’t apply.
> Serialization happens when you “store” a document (by sending it out of
> the pipeline on one of the output ports, by explicitly storing it with
> p:store, or by doing something else, like p:http-request, that has to
> turn it into characters).
> If you’re output port is “result”, then the serialization parameters
> that you specify for that output port are what matters.
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