Re: XPROC and catalogs?

The catalog resolver ( for Calabash) usually expects a
list of catalog files in a system property (or probably, alternatively,
in a configuration option, too).

Example taken from one of my projects:


Please note that even on Unix-like systems the entries in the property
are semicolon-separated.


On 14.08.2015 09:02, Jostein Austvik Jacobsen wrote:
> Hi Dan.
> The "catalog.xml"-file needs to be in the current working directory if I
> remember right. I would love to have an option to specify a location as
> well, both as a command line argument and as a setting in the profile
> file, so that I could run calabash from whatever directory I'm in.
> Best regards
> Jostein
> On 13 August 2015 at 23:44, < <>>
> wrote:
>     I found this old blog from Norm
>     talking about using catalogs to resolve DTD locations, but I'm not
>     following it 100%. I see him creating a catalog and telling Calibash to
>     use a resolver, but where does the reference to say - here is the
>     catalog
>     to use seems to be missing. Seems like maybe there is a default
>     name/location to put the catalog which might be why these details
>     seem to
>     be missing?
>     Also, do you know how to set these command line options up with
>     oXygen or
>     how to configure it to use a config file as shown?
>     Last question for those using Calibash in oXygen. Is there anything
>     within
>     oXygen that would cause it to work just fine for the last couple of
>     days,
>     but now look like it needs a catalog to work? I started setting up a
>     catalog to make an Ant script work with xmltask, and went back to
>     what was
>     a working xproc step that processed a file and read several associated
>     files to make a new XML document. I just started getting the following
>     from oXygen:
>     C:\Users\dan.vint\Desktop\system\dtd\client\WorkdayDitabase.dtd (The
>     system cannot find the path specified)
>     Document has been marked not available:
>     file:/C:/Users/dan.vint/Desktop/DITAsource/fr-fr-loc-v1-source-maptesting/dan1370796457536.xml
>     Document has been marked not available:
>     file:/C:/Users/dan.vint/Desktop/DITAsource/fr-fr-loc-v1-source-maptesting/dan1370796457536.xml
>     So the DTD error is coming from the topics being referenced into the
>     main
>     file. And then I get the other messages as it tries to read the files
>     (paths are correct and files exist at those locations) but it is
>     unable to
>     open the files to get the additional content. DTD files have never
>     been in
>     a location directly accessible to the files I'm processing without some
>     sort of catalog to find them, so maybe validation got turned on?
>     Any ideas?
>     ..dan
>     ..dan

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