Re: manifest based processing

Sorry,  I wanted to reply Jostein

About the naming, instead of connecting to in-memory.out,
you could name in/out ports "in-memory", and they would connect.

2014-02-19 17:33 GMT+01:00 Olivier JEULIN <>:
> If I understood correctly,  you want to automatically connect an
> output named "A" to an input named "A"?
> Given that the spec v2 proposes in §2.7
> “Change all steps with a single non-primary output to have a single
> primary output”
> could we remove the notion of primary port, and say that, by default,
> input ports connect to the first previous (preceding-sibling::*[1])
> port of the same name?
> We can still define explicitly the binding when we need to connect to
> another port or step.

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