Re: manifest based processing

If I understood correctly,  you want to automatically connect an
output named "A" to an input named "A"?

Given that the spec v2 proposes in §2.7
“Change all steps with a single non-primary output to have a single
primary output”
could we remove the notion of primary port, and say that, by default,
input ports connect to the first previous (preceding-sibling::*[1])
port of the same name?
We can still define explicitly the binding when we need to connect to
another port or step.

2014-02-19 15:56 GMT+01:00 Florent Georges <>:
> On 19 February 2014 14:39, Romain Deltour wrote:
>> Again, I've not put enough thinking on the topic to have a
>> clear picture.  But one thing to consider is that the person
>> who writes the step is not necessarily the person who uses it.
>> How would that work with custom modes ?
>   I am not sure about details either, but let's assume one can
> declare kinds the following way:
>     <p:kind name="epub:manifest"
>             as="document-node(element(epub:manifest))"/>
>     <p:kind name="epub:content" sequence="true"/>
>   Those declaration would be part of a library of steps, in the
> namespace epub:* itself, defining steps to handle ePUB docs, in
> addition to those 2 kinds.
>   That is, "epub:manifest" is defined as a kind that validates
> the content flowing though, which must be a document with a root
> element named "epub:manifest".  The kind "epub:content" is
> defined as any sequence of document.  Or maybe we want to unify
> those syntax, especially if ports can handle any XDM, and not
> only documents:
>     <p:kind name="epub:content" as="document-node()*"/>
>   The steps of that library, as well as any step written by
> anyone, could then declare input and output ports with that kind.
> Those declared as primary would then connect implicitly:
>     <p:import href="epub.xpl"/>
>     <p:declare-step type="my:foobar">
>        <p:input port="manifest" primary="true" kind="epub:manifest"/>
>        <p:input port="content"  primary="true" kind="epub:content"/>
>        ...
>     </p:declare-step>
>     <!-- 2 primary output ports, of kind manifest and content -->
>     <epub:read/>
>     <!-- 2 primary input ports, of same kinds, are connected -->
>     <my:foobar/>
>   Just an idea... (waw, writing XProc on a plain email text
> editor is quite a challenge)
> --
> Florent Georges

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