RE: result of A&Q at XML Prague preconf day

Wish I were in Prague now.. alas..

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Have fun!

*Van:* James Fuller []
*Verzonden:* vrijdag 14 februari 2014 12:43
*Onderwerp:* result of A&Q at XML Prague preconf day

Thank you to everyone who attended ... the survey of opinion was
lightweight, but a useful quick sample ... to summarise;

Is XProc v2 requirements doc on the right track ?

* IMHO, not enough ppl have read the requirements doc to begin answering
the question reasonably

* propose that folks take another look at

How XProc is being used

* most ppl using XProc to replace 'duct tape' solutions.

* many using it as basis for publishing

Which user is most important in XProc solution

* the developer implementing the solution was by far the most important
user in the toolchain currently


* Parameters still a burning topic, looks unlikely that we could drop for v2

Use Cases

* JF to sit with Romain Deltour

* JF to sit with Gerrit Imsieke

Was suggested that DITA / XProc should be promoted

* Jim Fuller will setup XProc meetup at DITA Europe (maybe George from
oXygenXML can provide some advice)

* XProc submissions for DITA orientated conferences

* expect another mail to the list on this one following up

Over XML Prague (and as ever via mailing list) Please feel free to approach
any of us on the Working Group

* Norm Walsh

* Alex Milowski

* Mohamed Zergaoui

* Jim Fuller

And give us your opinions, criticisms and what is important to you for
XProc v2.

thx, Jim Fuller

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