Re: XPipeline.setOption and value type

On 20 May 2012 12:57, mozer wrote:


> RuntimeValue is needed here for a very good reason : if the String
> you are providing is in fact a QName, you also need to provide the
> namespaces binding to allow it's handling

  3 points here: 1/ a string is a string, whatever way you generate it
(e.g. by serializing a QName), but I suspect this is rather because
Calabash supports the "general values" extension, 2/ RuntimeValue has
actually a ctor RuntimeValue(String) that I missed (or that was added
since?), so actually I can just use new RuntimeValue("value"), and
finally 3/ I don't know why, but I had to use passOption() rather than
setOption(), but the difference between both is rather obscure to me.

  Just for the records...

  Thanks for your response!  Regards,

Florent Georges

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