Re: Calabash: get the p:error input out of an XProcException

On 20 May 2012 13:01, mozer wrote:


> p:error only exists in the case of a p:try

  That's not what I read from [1]:

    The p:error step generates a dynamic error using the input
    provided to the step.
    The error generated can be caught by a p:try just like any other
    dynamic error.

  The step throw an error, and one CAN catch it in a try/catch.  But
if not, it is reported to the environment like any other error.  Did
I miss something?

> you have probably a clear use case in mind when asking this and
> there might be a limitation in Calabash from this side

  I use XProc in Servlex [2] to write webapps.  A pipeline is mapped
to a URI, in order to produce the webpage (or whatever content) for
that URI.  You can also set a special pipeline to be an error handler
which is automatically evaluated in case an error is thrown in one
"regular" pipeline.

  So one webapp can define its own error reporting mechanism, and pass
more information to the error handler through the user-provided input
to the p:error step.


Florent Georges


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