Re: Multiple XSLT transformations with intermediate files

>> q: They are executed in order - if not, I am misunderstanding everything I have ever known from XProc.
> Not necessarily. Because (as said above) the second p:xslt does not depend on the first p:xslst and p:store, some XProc processors could well decide to run it first, or in parallel with the other, which is not your intent.
> To fix the order, you have to introduce a dependency on the first to the second, by connecting the input port of the second to the output of the first.

OK, thanks Romain and mozer, I understand now. It seems logical, but I wasn't (obviously) aware of it.

Again: thank you very much for your help!

(Problem solved)


Received on Sunday, 20 May 2012 12:10:21 UTC