RE: Got XProc?

Am I the only one to reply with a contribution? There must be more, I'm
sure.. ;-)

I'm also sure I have mentioned it on several occasions before, but here
once more anyhow. I collected some useful steps in a library that is part
of my xproc-ebook-conv project on github. A direct link to the library is

I also collected all XMLCalabash extension functions, and wrote library
files for those:
But I recall that someone else had a library for that too.

The entire project might help novice people to learn various tricks of how
to do a larger project in XProc. There are lots is tricks in there, like
running XMLCalabash with custom extensions, using command line switches in
your XProc app, debug logging, handling relative paths in your code, and

Kind regards,

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> Onderwerp: Got XProc?
> Just wondering if anyone has written some steps, pipelines, or libraries
that they
> have found especially useful.  What are they?
> Bonus points for:
> (1) frequent reuse;
> (2) seldom use, but accomplishes something super useful/important
> -Tony

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