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Hi Nic,

That explains it. I am zipping images in the same call to zip, so I was already storing on disk first, not using method nor input source. And I didn't need a second zip call so far.. ;-)

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Aan: Geert Josten
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On 20 Jul 2011, at 16:44, Geert Josten wrote:

> Hi Nic,
> I'd be interested to learn them. Haven't had trouble using cx:zip otherwise myself, but I could run into that later on.
> I did notice p:exec is quite picky with the command url too. Backslashes seem to behave as escape characters as well, not what I would have expected. The result is some weird exception, without further clues. I probably should file a bug report, haven't gotten around doing so..
> Kind regards,
> Geert 

Sorry I took so long to reply Geert. 
The two issues I'm looking at right now 

a) The method attribute is ignored by cx:zip. That may be the right thing to do but I was trying to serialise to text and had the XML I wanted to serialise on the source port. I had expected (possibly wrongly) to see the the input serialised as text.  I ended up using p:store and cxf:tempfile to work around that.

b) I'm not certain yet but I think that running two cx:zip steps that update a zip immediately after each other causes the first to have no effect. I'm just trying to make sure on this one, create a repeatable test case and raise a bug report in Calabash if needed.

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