Re: cx:zip issue...

Nic Gibson <> writes:
> a) The method attribute is ignored by cx:zip. That may be the right
> thing to do but I was trying to serialise to text and had the XML I
> wanted to serialise on the source port. I had expected (possibly
> wrongly) to see the the input serialised as text. I ended up using
> p:store and cxf:tempfile to work around that.

Yeah, I don't think the ZIP step expects to directly store something
coming in on a port.

> b) I'm not certain yet but I think that running two cx:zip steps that
> update a zip immediately after each other causes the first to have no
> effect. I'm just trying to make sure on this one, create a repeatable
> test case and raise a bug report in Calabash if needed.

I'm not sure what the Java classes for working with ZIP files say
about that. I wouldn't have expected that to fail, but...

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Received on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 20:09:10 UTC