Re: Problems running Calabash pipelines with oXygen 12.1

Philip Fennell <> writes:

> Norm wrote:
>> Put those DTDs in a catalog with a local copy.
> Sorry for being a bit thick, but, there's no mechanism with XProc or
> Calabash for working with an XML Catalog is there? I've tried adding
> xhtml catalogue within oXygen but it appeared to make no difference.

There is. You probably have to setup the configuration correctly
though. Here's what I have in my ~/.calabash

<cc:xproc-config xmlns:cc="">


  <cc:entity-resolver class-name="org.xmlresolver.Resolver"/>
  <cc:uri-resolver class-name="org.xmlresolver.Resolver"/>


I wish the documentation was beter. Sigh.

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Received on Monday, 31 January 2011 16:33:28 UTC