Re: pxf:mkdir in Calabash

I'm not sure, but it could come from the pxf:mkdir step implementation  
not being declared in the default Calabash configuration.

To use a processor-specific atomic step in Calabash you need:
1. to import or declare the step signature (usually by importing a  
step library)
2. to let Calabash know which class to load for the step name

(2) can be done with the 'implementation' element of the XML calabash  
configuration file. You can override or add to the default  
configuration with local files, for instance a file named .calabash in  
your home directory will be looked up by default.

Again, I'm not sure of the diagnosis here. I've not updated oXygen yet  
and cannot check on my setup.


Le 15 janv. 11 à 18:02, Tony Rogers a écrit :

> Greetings fellow Passionate Pipeline Programmers!
> I just tried to use pxf:mkdir using the latest Oxygen (12.1) and the  
> bundled Calabash (0.9.30) with the following result:
> SystemID: /Users/amrogers/Developer/Projects/oXygen_workspace/ 
> org.lyris/trunk/build.xpl
> Engine name: Calabash XProc
> Severity: error
> Description:  Misconfigured. No 'class' in configuration for pxf:mkdir
> Can anybody tell me what that means?
> —Tony

Received on Saturday, 15 January 2011 19:04:26 UTC