RE: p:document-template in Calabash: bug?

> Florent Georges <> writes:
> >   I confirm this is fixed in the latest version (0.9.30).  But while
> > confirming this, I found another bug.  If you add a comment after the
> > root element of the template port, which contains an expression
> > enclosed in { and }, it generates a Null Pointer Exception.  Full
> > repro (I only added the comment):
> Good catch. I was expecting the interpolated content to have an element
> ancestor and comments (or PIs) that are siblings to the document
> element don't have one.
> Fixed for the next release which I'll make asap.

...and the pipeline added to the test suite:


Vojtech Toman
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Received on Thursday, 13 January 2011 10:46:20 UTC