Fwd: Re: XML Calabash and Saxon 9.4

To state what I suspect is a common question:

    Do we know the current availability of Saxon 9.4? i.e. inclusion
    with which version of Oxygen (or other tools of choice) . . ?

If the answer is in the nature of 'widely available', I would vote for 
choice #1


On 12/19/2011 2:03 PM, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Ok world,
> Here's the deal: I want to make XML Calabash work with Saxon 9.4. And
> I'm sure I can. But some of the underlying Saxon APIs have changed, so
> if I do, then it won't work with Saxon 9.3 anymore.
> 1. I can just announce that as of some version, Saxon 9.4 is required.
> 2. Or I can go to the trouble of providing abstractions around the
>     changed APIs and adapting to whatever version of Saxon is present.
> Choice 1 is easy easy for me, impossible for you with Saxon 9.3.
> Choice 2 is hard for me and will eventually have to be ripped out as
> I'm sure that sooner or later I'll write new code that uses 9.4 APIs
> and I'm not likely to be willing (or possibly even able) to back-port
> those changes to 9.3.
> So, if choice 1 is hugely inconvenient for you, now would be the time
> to say something.
>                                          Be seeing you,
>                                            norm

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