Re: XML Calabash: New option, changed XProcConfiguration constructor

David Lee <> writes:
> Are they atleast documented ?
> I'll have to update the xmlsh calabash extension to use these, and may in
> fact not *know* the right value ...

Ok, I'll put the old constructor back then. See how easy that was? :-)

> Curious why do you need to know the edition ?

I need to know whether or not to request a licensed edition when I
instantiate the processor. I used make that decision based on whether
or not schema awareness was requested. (I think that used to *be* the
only difference at one time.)

But there are features of PE that are beyond what HE can do and yet are
still less than the full schema aware functionality of EE. In particular
the ability to call Java functions directly:

<xsl:template match="x" xmlns:math="java:java.lang.Math">
  <xsl:value-of select="math:sqrt(16)"/>

> For xmlsh I need to know how to pass the flag into Saxon to tell it to do
> schema mode or not but dont need to know the edition.  But I can query the
> edition at runtime to find out what it is.  

Sort of. Just requesting a licensed version gets you either EE or PE
depending on the license, so you're right. But XML Calabash warns if
you request schema awareness and don't get it. I needed an "in the
middle" setting to request a license but not request schema awareness.

> Are you dynamically changing the classpath based on the edition ?
> If not you can query the edition dynamically based on whatever the java
> class loader found.

Yes. I know that. This is about what the user requests, not what I get.

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Received on Saturday, 3 December 2011 12:59:03 UTC