RE: XML Calabash: New option, changed XProcConfiguration constructor

Are they atleast documented ?
I'll have to update the xmlsh calabash extension to use these, and may in
fact not *know* the right value ...
Curious why do you need to know the edition ?
For xmlsh I need to know how to pass the flag into Saxon to tell it to do
schema mode or not but dont need to know the edition.  But I can query the
edition at runtime to find out what it is.  
Are you dynamically changing the classpath based on the edition ?
If not you can query the edition dynamically based on whatever the java
class loader found.

E.g. here's the code to "xversion" which prints amoung other things the
saxon edition

This relies on the s9api Processor.

David A. Lee

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David Lee <> writes:

> is the possible values of "edition" defined somewhere ? Like say an Enum ?

No, I didn't bother. Three strings seemed easy enough.

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